Annnnd I already miss my hair! Here are some reasons to keep that protective style in

Hola bonitas!

I know you must be tired of me always changing hairstyles so quickly haha, but this one is going on four weeks so I’d say I’m improving. I am going to try to keep this current style in until December 13th but we shall see. I’ve decided to make a pro and cons list of keeping my hair in braids to appease myself lol. You guys should try it, it really puts things into perspective, anyway here’s my list – >

Pros – 

  • Get Up & Go! OH! You have a 9 am lecture and don’t feel like getting up at 7 to make sure your hair will be dry by 8:30? Not a problem, go head and wake up at 7:45! 
  • There is no guessing, you already know you’ll look good in the morning!
  • Don’t have to deal with tangles!
  • Saves money because you and I both know that when we have our hair out we just want to buy everything in sight!
  • Saves time! You don’t have to pick between reading that chapter or doing the braid-out! P.s. always pick the chapter. Especially with exams coming up!
  • Nail polish stays on longer – I think the oils strip the polish faster
  • Looks great in pics, I’ve had days where my hair looks gorg in person but on camera, it looks like weak sauce! Wassup with that, I’m not a fan, not a fan at all. 
  • Can be versatile
  • Braids, weave, wig, etc. like wearing straight hair without the hassle and risk of heat damage
Cons – 
  • Not super comfy to sleep on –UPDATE: Put it up in a bun and sleep with a stocking cap or loc sock!
  • Everyone is posting all these pretty natural hair pics that make me want to try the style but wait, I’ve got braids -_-
  • I miss my hair? 
  • I miss buying random products, how one misses spending money, I have no idea smh.
Alright, so I only have 3 cons and they aren’t even really good ones. The  braids are safe…for now 

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