Concept to Creation: Birdspeed

I am the type of person to stand in the hair accessory aisle for 40 minutes deciding on which hair clip to get. So I can definitely relate to the trouble picking the one accessory that really speaks to you! Check out this set of jewellery that I designed for Birdspeed!

Birdspeed is a cultural theorist, accomplished dancer, and political activist from London with roots in Barbados. I met this warm spirit at an Africa at Spitalfields market event where we bonded over our love of unique design! She loved the artistry of the designs we had on display and wanted her own custom collection.

We decided to create a piece based on the flower, the Pride of Barbados. Inspired by its beautiful colour scheme and ties to her history, I set to work. Birdspeed already had a fabulous outfit planned which I used to set the stage for my sketches. We decided to go minimalist in shape and to focus more on the intricate painting that the flower required.

pride of Barbados

The collection consisted of a choker style necklace and square earrings.
For her necklace, I recommend a fusion style statement piece that would complement her off the shoulder top. Since there would be nothing on the neckline, she could afford to go bold in shape and design.


The necklace also features a beautiful bow on the back that will shine through when she wears her hair up.The earrings focus more on the leaves of the flower that weren’t captured by the necklace.

I refer to this collection as ‘Beautiful Barbados’ Check out the results of Birdspeed’s collection!



Her Thoughts
I have received the jewellery set and I can honestly say I am more than satisfied with the outcome. It looks absolutely stunning and I am currently going through design options just to showcase this outstanding jewellery. Consider yourself on my Christmas list! You have a lifelong client now and will do my best to promote you.”

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Birdspeed! Learn more about Birdspeed here!

Until next time! x

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