Custom Jewellery Concept to Creation: Dr. K

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Have you ever started something difficult and about halfway through you think, “man, I can’t take this anymore.” Whether it be a degree course or perhaps that new workout you wanted to try, I’m here to tell you, you can definitely make it through! I love it when a client wants a design to celebrate, encourage, or excite them during a major point in their lives. This allows the designs to become much more personal and meaningful, which gives me the feels.

This particular client, who I will be calling Dr K, is pursuing her PhD alongside one of her friends on the same course. I first met K at GlobalFest 2015 in Manchester where we bonded over our love of unique designs, so when she contacted me about this project – I was ready to go.


K and her friend were in need of some custom accessories to keep them motivated for the remainder of their PhDs. Working hard like the Spartans, their symbol was served as the perfect symbol to get them through their final semester.
My mission was to turn the Spartan symbol, aka the lambda letter of the Greek alphabet,  into one of our double rings for K and for her friend, a pendant for his necklace and a bracelet.


After we decided on the design, I got straight to work on their jewellery.  Here are the results.
custom ring rest

  1. Spartan Double Ring 2. Spartan Men’s Adjustable Bracelet – Modelled his friend, the lovely K 3. Spartan Pendant

I am so honoured that Dr K and her friend entrusted me with their vision! This project allowed me to try out different jewellery styles and grow as an artist so I doubly appreciate them haha.

K’s Thoughts:

“Thanks for much for my custom design ring and pendant! Amira was able to create this jewellery for me and a friend within in 2 weeks of me placing my order. She also delivered the jewellery to me. My experience with using A. Monaie Designs has been extremely positive and I love showing off my jewellery! Thank you!”

With love,

A. Monaie

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2 thoughts on “Custom Jewellery Concept to Creation: Dr. K

  1. Hello.

    The Africa necklace is amazing. Unique looking. Are you producing more and how much are they?


    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately, I am no longer making them but thank you for your support!

      Best wishes,

      A Monaie

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