The Search for a New Blog Name

Taking a break, or stopping to smell the roses, doesn’t come to me naturally. BTW this is a long read so I hope you’re taking a break. Maybe it’s my personality or maybe in life, I haven’t been afforded the time to stop and reflect, or maybe it’s both or something else, or nothing – I don’t know, haven’t thought about #ironic. Last year when I started my Master’s, I didn’t know where I was going to live (started looking for accommodation way too late – long story), had some family stuff going on, and generally lacked direction of what I wanted to do in life.

Topman button down
Topman button down and Handmade accessories

Pretty thought-provoking stuff, but the same day that I started university, I also stayed in a hotel and the same day I moved into my place, I had a lecture 45 minutes after I got my keys. So for the past 12 months, I have been non-stop; go, go, go. Literally tossing mental health to the wind and hoping for the best.

But now,

I have finished my Master’s and I’m about to embark on a Ph.D. Between these two milestones, I have some space. Some space to think and reflect on the who, what, where and the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves of life. Believe you me, this is harder than I thought and quite frankly I don’t wish to do it. When you’re so used to moving or doing something, taking time out to do something with no visible reward, seems like a waste of time.

Thrifted Topman Button Down
Thrifted Topman Button Down, Handmade Jewellery

Anyway, during this down time, I want to start doing the things that I stopped doing because I got too busy, or rather forgot how much these activities meant to me. One of these things is blogging. I secretly love to write and I finally feel like I have something to say. That being said, I’m not happy with the name, Her-Notebook. My suspicions were confirmed by my friend who said the name was unimaginative – thanks, friend ☺.

Nevertheless, in my quest for a new name, my friend suggested that I think about what I hope that this blog will achieve, maybe that would help me to discover a name. My first reaction was annoyance (or laziness, idk) – I just want to write, I thought to myself. But then I realised that this reaction was merely hiding the underlying issue; I didn’t want to wait patiently, pray, or refect. I just wanted a name and to start posting again.

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So this is me, ignoring that feeling and starting to reflect on what I wish to share with you, beautiful reader. #OhLehDoIt

Goals for Her-Notebook Blog (HNB)

  1. Encourage you to try new things, go new places, and find your path in life. I don’t have any of the answers but I hope by sharing my experiences you can learn from my choices, good and bad.
  2. A different perspective – sometimes it seems that #instalife is real life, which is cute and all but I want to show you a different perspective, one that isn’t perfectly curated
  3. Share testimonies of God’s faithfulness because Luke 8:39, 1 Peter 3:15, and Psalm 71:24
  4. Navigate sustainability and sustainable fashion – I promise this is way more exciting than it sounds like

    ripped jeans
  5. Bruh I just want you to be inspired and see some cool stuff – Not everyday serious. So that’s why I also want to share hair tips, random stories, you know, important stuff
  6. I would call this point personal development but really, it’s more me experimenting with hairstyles, hobbies, workouts, and skincare products and telling you about it.
  7. Shed light on a career as an Academic – Can’t say I’ve seen this career path promoted as much as a traditional graduate job and haven’t seen many women of colour in this field so I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences.
  8. I love to talk and quite frankly these blog posts provide me with a captive audience, ce la vie.
Topman button down
Topman Button Down x Handmade Accessories

So, here I am, 8 points later and still no name but what I have realised from this list and personal reflection, I am multi-faceted. I’m going to seriously think and pray about this, so please bear with me as I discover what it is I’m actually trying to say to you. No label or name can encompass all that I am or that I’m setting out to do but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try. So until next time, besos.

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