Learning to care: Empathy and Sustainable Fashion

I’ll be the first to admit that learning about sustainable fashion and implementing it are two different things.

My research has shown that me that despite our best intentions when it comes to sustainability we just don’t know what to do or how to change. For me, despite knowing about issues in the fashion industry, yet I still struggle to emotionally connect to those affected. I think this might be a key component in actually changing our behaviours and being more sustainable when we shop.

Otherwise, I  find my choices can be a bit self-centred. For example, I shop at second-hand stores because it is sustainable and inexpensive; it’s convenient for my lifestyle but if it wasn’t, would the case be the same? Research has found that this would not be the case at all. Instead, we might focus on style, convenience, and price over concern about the conditions in the factory or the people who work there. I don’t believe this is because we don’t care but because these issues seem so far away, they don’t really affect us, we don’t/can’t immediately empathise.

I don’t believe this is because we don’t care but because these issues seem so far away, they don’t really affect us, we don’t empathise…

I’m not the only one that feels like empathy could be the missing link. Many times, I see brands promoting their sustainable/ethical credentials by sharing facts, which are completely necessary but at the same time, I empathise with people, not numbers. There needs to be a balance. If there’s anything that 2016 has taught us it’s that emotions can be more powerful than logic.

Why is this important to me?

I love that fashion can be used as a medium for self-expression, personal growth, and freedom. Clothes don’t judge you or discriminate, you can make it into what you want and mold it to suit you and your personality. It’s a powerful medium for change and creativity but at the same time, my quest for personal style can’t come at the expense of others or the environment.

For me, loving people includes factory workers in Cambodia, and caring for the environment extends beyond weekly recycling. Love for God, and therefore love for people, is the driving force in my desire to really care and care enough to act. However, this doesn’t mean that the journey has been easy. I don’t shop at fast fashion retailers not because I don’t like the clothes, the shop windows still call out to me. I don’t shop there because I want to be a part of a change for the better.

“It’s not that I don’t like the clothes in fast fashion shops… I don’t shop there because I want to be a part of change for the better.

I still have a long, long way to go but I think it is better to start somewhere than nowhere!

Practical tips for making sustainable fashion choices:

I don’t want to leave you with food for thought without giving you ideas on how to move forward. My 2 top tips for learning empathy and being more sustainable is to…

What do you think? Would you try any of these?

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