My Inadvertent Fast Fashion Detox

“As our eyes were opened, it became evident that we’d been buying more than clothes. We’d bought a lie.” – Margot Starbuck

For the past few months, I have been on an accidental fashion detox. Due to budget and time constraints (okay, mostly budget constraints, I’m kinda broke), I haven’t been shopping for clothing. Although I was never really one to shop a lot or stay up to date with the latest styles, fashion and dressing started to become increasingly important to me. I think for the past year or so I had been developing my fashion wishlist of all the things that I would buy that would make me into the person I desired to be – wait what?

Reflections on my Fashion Detox

What started out as a desire just be well dressed turned out to be a lot deeper than I thought. I realised that this list represented a desire for acceptance and a need for validation. When I finally (like, just now) asked myself why do I even have this list, why does clothing (or lack thereof) stress me out, why is it important that I buy these things, I came up with a few reasons:

  • People would compliment my outfits
  • I wanted to look good on social media and get lots of followers
  • So I would be known for dressing and people would want to be like me
  • To procrastinate on my work (that I have been called by God to do)


Looking back I can see that even when I have money I didn’t buy what I needed, I bought what I thought I needed to achieve those goals. When previously, I wanted stylishly ripped jeans, now, I would want nothing more than hole free jeans haha. Taking a break from shopping will really show you what you need vs. what you want. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t shop or that we should walk around in clothes two sizes too big or clothes two sizes too small. I’m saying that our hearts, like in everything we do, have to be right.
There is a difference between buying a shirt because I like it and buying a shirt because I’ll get likes on Instagram.
There is a difference between supporting sustainable fashion because I believe in the cause and supporting it because I feel rejected from mainstream fashion.
There is a difference.
It’s a heart issue. Even if we aren’t big shoppers we still have to be careful not to be prideful. It’s definitely a struggle not to anchor our identities in anything other than Christ. At some point, we have to realise that Jesus is the only person who can fill the holes in our lives. Only in Christ will we find true acceptance and validation. His love fully accepts us for who we are. There is nothing I can do or wear that would make Him love me any more or any less, and my sisters in Christ, the same is true for you.

sustainable_fashion_outfit 2
This was actually an outfit for a (winter) birthday brunch

So what’s next?

Well, at the beginning of this post I put a quote:

“As our eyes were opened, it became evident that we’d been buying more than clothes. We’d bought a lie.”- Margot Starbuck

And so I would encourage all of us to pray and examine our hearts, minds, and actions to see what lies we have been believing. I’m also going to revisit that list and remove items that I know are not authentically me, the me that Christ has called me to be. As I am still learning and growing in this area, I’m going to share a few posts about what it’s actually been like for me but until then check out this great post: Today’s Christian woman – Lessons from a Clothes Shopping Fast (where I got that amazing quote from).

How do you think social media is shaping the way we buy clothes?

Would you do a clothes shopping fast?
Lemme know in the comment below!
Until next time,

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