Vinted Review: Buying Clothes from Vinted UK

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Recently I went to an academic conference which lasted about 3 days. Unfortunately for me, I have one conference outfit so I needed clothes. Plus, I had a dinner to attend so I also needed something that looked nice. However, because of my sustainable fashion journey (& budget), I wanted to buy outfits that were sustainable and inexpensive. If you’re also on this journey, thrifting is a great way to meet both of these goals. I don’t know about you, but I could not find anything in the thrift stores/charity shops. On the verge of giving up, I decided to search online which led me to Vinted UK, a website I previously used to sell some clothes.

What is Vinted?

Well it’s kind of like if Thrift shops and Instagram had a child.

How Does it Work?

I use the app version so it kind of reminds me of Instagram. You scroll the items and can favourite the ones that you like but be aware that items can sometimes go very quickly! You can negotiate with the seller on price and for some items you can even swap with the seller. After you pay for the item, you get notifications of when the item has been sent and once it arrives you get another notification to confirm. After you confirm, the money is released so it makes it feel quite safe!

What I like…

  • You can follow people with similar taste/ style. My news feed is usually filled with items that I would wear plus you can customise it to include brands that you like.
  • Has a variety of categories including men and women’s items.
  • They hold the money until you receive your item and confirm everything is okay
  • Will cancel unsent orders and refund it to you automatically which is super convenient
  • Most of the items are inexpensive plus you can negotiate what you want to pay with the seller.
  • Quick shipping on most items

The not so great…

  • It has really bad reviews online which I didn’t know before I used the app. It would be irresponsible of me if I did not tell you to apply wisdom
  • It is peer to peer so Vinted really encourages you to solve problems with the seller (good), submitting a claim is a bit extra (bad).
  • Sometimes items arrived damaged and it might not be the seller’s fault/your fault – very annoying but could happen with anything
  • Items can sell super quickly sometimes.
  • It claims to be sustainable but it still always encourages you to buy, you get notifications for discounts and new items which constantly draws you back to the app. I ended up turning off the new item notification because I found myself checking the app way too much.


Vinted has really come in handy and I love what I bought on there! I would definitely use it again but if you want to try it out – be mindful of how much you spend and ask the seller for questions and for pictures of the products.¬†They have a variety of clothes, from luxury to high street, so I’m sure you could find something you like! But don’t assume an item is okay just because it looks like it in one photo.

Possible alternatives

Depop – I’ve never used it but everyone seems to love it!

Ebay – Again, never used it but it seems to recommended by many!

In store – You never know what you’ll find in your local charity shop!

Have you used Vinted before?

Lemme know in the comment below!
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