Hi, I'm Amira!

You might know me as FroandBro or as A. Monaie Designs but my name is, in fact, Amira! Nice to meet you! Her Notebook is a compilation of hair and fitness (Fro&Bro), my designs (A. Monaie Designs), and loads of personal reflections of my life and general goings on of the world. My aim is to encouraging and transparent as I walk further into purpose and my relationship with Christ. I don't claim to have all, or any of the answers, but I do feel that sometimes we just need to know that someone out there has been there, is there, or will be there.Β 

Here are some random facts about me that you may or may not find interesting!

  • I moved to the UK from Baltimore when I was 17
  • I thought that I would live my entire life on the east coast of America. Obviously, God had different plans.
  • I became a Christian in my 1st year of university and rededicated my life to Christ in 2016
  • Currently a Masters student in Manchester
  • I design jewellery and have been featured on blogs such as Quirktastic and Curlture
  • I dream big and am probably overly optimistic
  • Interested in sustainable fashion
  • I lift weights, I don't eat meat, and I love my natural hair!

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. Welcome to my notebook.Β 

Oh! And I love to chat! Follow me on instagram and twitter: @heyamonaie

Want to collab? Email me: hello@her-notebook.com