How I’m Changing My Wardrobe for the Better #NoMoreFastFashion

See ya later, High Street…

…like I buy clothes but whatever

Hey, guys!

Now, I am not much of a shopper, that’s probably why the fashion section of my blog is more or less empty (#sorry) but when I do go shopping, I don’t really pay attention to where/how/what the clothes are made of. Essentially, I have started to learn more about the fashion industry and where clothes come from. It’s really funny because as I was procrastinating on writing this post I saw Downtown Demure’s post about her own ethical fashion journey (she also has great information breaking down the key facts) which really inspired me to get this done!

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Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Maintenance + Photos!

Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Review and Maintenance

Hello, Hello!

I desperately needed a break from my hair decided to go for my favourite style, crochet braids BUT with a twist! Pun not intended but yes I decided to try this style after Glasgow Natural’s started to sell the pre-twisted hair during the summer time. I bought it ages ago and finally put it in, in November.  This style carried me through Thanksgiving (just because I’m not in America doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate!), Christmas, and many gym sessions. I ended up taking it out after 5-6 weeks because my new growth was just outrageous. 

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3 Ways to Add Personality to your style | Guest Post by Honeybbuzz

Hi There!


I’m Honeybbuzz of! I’m so excited to be over here on A. Monaie’s Blog giving you some awesome tips! Over at, I help career-driven women learn to live the fabulous fashion life without breaking the bank with blog posts, workshops and styling services! Let’s get into some ways you can easily add personality to your personal style!

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Gym…it’s all in your head Part 2: Fighting Fear

Losing patience,Gustav yells at Gabrielle to leap from point A to point B, in public, in front of people. A thousand thoughts race through Gabrielle’s head, what if she falls, what if people laugh, what if she can’t do it. The truth is…she can’t…yet…. but she does’t know it because she’s too scared to even try. She does try though, nobody laughs, nobody points…it was all…in her head. 

True Story. Well Kind Of
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S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting: Fitness Edition

In order to achieve your goals, you have to make clear cut goals. Ambiguous goals are the worst because you never truly know when you have achieved them. What’s even worse is starting a challenge and not knowing what you want after it!

When setting fitness goals it is important to figure out what exactly what you want! How much weight you want to lose or muscle mass you want to gain, factors like that will impact your goals.
Before you start setting goals, it is important to figure out where you are now! In terms of fitness:
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Gym…it’s all in your head: Intimidation

First and foremost, I have to say I love, love, love the gym. This love is what makes me want to go almost everyday and to push myself past my limits. I’m no longer scared to be in the weights section by myself or to ask a random person to film me. To get to this place of complete gym comfort is not easy AT ALL. In fact, I’m not even totally there yet lol.  Going to the gym is as much of a mental exercise as it is physical and gym confidence can take some time to develop. (I think)
In my journey these are some of the things that held me back and how I’m getting over them. I hope this helps someone else on their journey as well! This is going to be a short series of 5 consisting of:
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