Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Maintenance + Photos!

Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Review and Maintenance

Hello, Hello!

I desperately needed a break from my hair decided to go for my favourite style, crochet braids BUT with aΒ twist! Pun not intended but yes I decided to try this style after Glasgow Natural’s started to sell the pre-twisted hair during the summer time. I bought it ages ago and finally put it in, in November.Β Β This style carried me through Thanksgiving (just because I’m not in America doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate!), Christmas, and many gym sessions. I ended up taking it out after 5-6 weeks because my new growth was just outrageous.Β 

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Annnnd I already miss my hair! Here are some reasons to keep that protective style in

Hola bonitas!

I know you must be tired of me always changing hairstyles so quickly haha, but this one is going on four weeks so I’d say I’m improving. I am going to try to keep this current style in until December 13th but we shall see. I’ve decided to make a pro and cons list of keeping my hair in braids to appease myself lol. You guys should try it, it really puts things into perspective, anyway here’s my list – >

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