Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Maintenance + Photos!

Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Review and Maintenance

Hello, Hello!

I desperately needed a break from my hair decided to go for my favourite style, crochet braids BUT with a twist! Pun not intended but yes I decided to try this style after Glasgow Natural’s started to sell the pre-twisted hair during the summer time. I bought it ages ago and finally put it in, in November.  This style carried me through Thanksgiving (just because I’m not in America doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate!), Christmas, and many gym sessions. I ended up taking it out after 5-6 weeks because my new growth was just outrageous. 

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Annnnd I already miss my hair! Here are some reasons to keep that protective style in

Hola bonitas!

I know you must be tired of me always changing hairstyles so quickly haha, but this one is going on four weeks so I’d say I’m improving. I am going to try to keep this current style in until December 13th but we shall see. I’ve decided to make a pro and cons list of keeping my hair in braids to appease myself lol. You guys should try it, it really puts things into perspective, anyway here’s my list – >

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A Low Porosity Natural’s Wash Day UPDATED

how to wash low porosity natural hair

Wash day is actually my favourite day of the week, I love playing in my hair and doing all this good stuff for it. That being said, usually, my wash days aren’t very..erm… successful. My deep conditioners don’t really penetrate my strands, leaving them crying out for moisture a few days later

But recently I have discovered that I am…get ready for it…a LOW POROSITY natural (Find your porosity by taking a shed hair and putting it in a glass filled with water, if it floats you are low, sinks you are high). *facepalm* Ever since my revelation, my wash day has been changed forever.

Check Out My Updated Wash Day!

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Senegalese Twists & Maintenance

how to maintain Senegalese twists

Hey all,
So during my daily natural hair web surfing, I seem to come across dozens of questions on how to maintain Senegalese Twists and Kinky Twists. There isn’t much information on caring for these guys so I decided that this should be my first official post!

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