3 Ways to Add Personality to your style | Guest Post by Honeybbuzz

Hi There!


I’m Honeybbuzz of Honeybbuzz.com! I’m so excited to be over here on A. Monaie’s Blog giving you some awesome tips! Over at Honeybbuzz.com, I help career-driven women learn to live the fabulous fashion life without breaking the bank with blog posts, workshops and styling services! Let’s get into some ways you can easily add personality to your personal style!

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Gym…it’s all in your head Part 2: Fighting Fear

Losing patience,Gustav yells at Gabrielle to leap from point A to point B, in public, in front of people. A thousand thoughts race through Gabrielle’s head, what if she falls, what if people laugh, what if she can’t do it. The truth is…she can’t…yet…. but she does’t know it because she’s too scared to even try. She does try though, nobody laughs, nobody points…it was all…in her head. 

True Story. Well Kind Of
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